Monday, 25 April 2011


"Not one target has been hit" "We are fighting alone"
Rebel Commander quoted in the Sunday Times 24/4/11

"A double victory for NATO and the Rebels"
Times 25/4/11

Nice for the rebels to get a mention

Monday, 15 November 2010

Student action continues - Sussex University

Hundreds of students have begun an occupation at Sussex University in protest at education cuts. Around 200 students are occupying a lecture theatre in the Fulton building—and they are planning to stay.

Tom, one of the occupiers, told Socialist Worker, “We’re occupying one of the new lecture theatres at Sussex which is very symbolic. It opened this year at the same time as we were told there was no money for teaching staff.

“It’s come off the back of Wednesday’s protest in London, which 500 Sussex students went to. We called a demonstration for today and didn’t plan to occupy—but that was the mood among students.

“We’ve already had messages flooding in from around Britain supporting us. We hope students on other campuses will follow suit.”

Monday, 18 October 2010

Right to Work Pamphlet

Right to Work pamphlet - Defending the welfare state

Cameron’s Con-Dem government is set to launch the biggest attack on working people since the 1920s. A financial crisis caused by the greed of bankers is being used as an excuse to dismantle the welfare state.

Workers are being made to pay for a mess they didn’t create. The price they will pay is the destruction of public services, a drive to push down wages and the loss of well over a million jobs across the public and private sectors.

We are faced with the spectre of mass unemployment with the threat that a generation of young people will be lost to the dole queue.

But none of this is necessary. The cuts are being made while big business and the rich fail to pay billions in taxes and while billions more are squandered on illegal wars and a new generation of nuclear weapons.

This pamphlet argues that Cameron’s cuts are completely unnecessary. It seeks to arm activists with the arguments they need to use at work or college.

The money is there to pay for decent public services for all. We have to resist the Tory assault on our way of life and build a movement capable of opposing the cuts and fighting for a better world.

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Friday, 17 September 2010

Adventures in Labour Party History No 1

The Battle for SURABAYA 1945-6

One of the many excellent points made by writer John Newslinger in his book ‘The Blood Never Dried’ is the selective editing out of unpleasant British Labour Party history in successive ‘histories’ of the party. One notable episode that appears to be systematically omitted is the battle for Surabaya (commemorated yearly in Indonesia) and essentially involving the heavy shelling of the city and bloody street battles against nationalist forces by British, Indian and co-opted Japanese troops in 1946

Establishing a scholarly tradition for the likes of Niall Ferguson the following books fail to note the episode:

Labour in Power (1945-1951) Keneth Morgan (1984)
Never Again: Britain 1945-1951 (Peter Hennessey (1972)
Clement Attlee Trevor Burridge (1985)
Clem Attlee Francis Beckett (1997)