Sunday, 20 June 2010

Tax baby Tax!

Why should a single low paid local government worker have their wages or pensions cut whilst single banker or speculator still has their fat 2010 bonus? Who buys all this rubbish that the 70 odd % of low paid women in the Local Government Pension Scheme have ‘gold plated’ pensions? Worth maybe £4,000 per year?

By all accounts things are back to normal in the board room with 7% pay rises for execs and huge bonuses on display. Why then should we accept the cuts of Tory and Orange book millionaires for a single second? These people have no mandate and no moral or political legitimacy. How dare Tory Oxbridge spods who cheerleaded the £20bn disasters in Iraq and Afghanistan lecture us about belt tightening?

People ask what is the rational alternative? Easy 1% on the higher rate on income tax, 1.5% on corporation tax, windfall tax on shareholders, cut pointless military spending, close tax havens, the list of better options is indeed long.

So tax baby tax!

Tax is the sound of human society functioning, of people looking after each other, of the most evil and money grubbing being reigned in. Tax is civilization. Forget the Chinese Emperors and William Pit the whatever, tax has transcended its origins. Progressive taxion is our last best hope for social peace.