Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Hey Progressive- Don't waste eight months whinging and angsting- vote now with an application form!

The prospect of eight months of liberal and left angsting about 'who should get my vote' fills me with dread. As if the non political middle ground isn't, for now, bored and angry and shifting towards a classic memory loss vote for the nasty party. 

Get this into your head's progressive types- how you vote in May will not be your definitive contribution to making the world a better place this year. The right will have its day in May. Why? Because Labour has wasted three election victories and years of our lives. People know this in their bones. 

Labour will loose. No other progressive party can win. By all means vote Labour, Green, Respect, Socialist etc etc. Just don't waste my time with drawn out laments about how 1997 was such a time of hope and the joys of lesser evilism blah blah blah. The five seconds you spend voting next May is not worth boring me to death.

By all means join the Greens, join the fight to move Labour to the left in opposition, join the fight to establish a new Left Party, but please don't drone on about whether voting Lib Dem is a better progressive option (No it clearly isn't) or whether to staple your nose closed and vote Mandleson. 

The most important thing you can do this year is join a Union. That is where the fight is going to be. Go to the TUC web site, find the union for you and join it. 

End of.

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