Tuesday, 29 September 2009


To be frank, I told you so. I knew they would be bastards in 1997. Nothing has proved me wrong. Yes we got health and education spending, but the the PFI mortages, the health managers, the academy schools, the US union busting health companies, all came with the package. And these two issues are supposed to be the positive parts of the legacy. 

I too have the sinking feeling that comes from the prospect of Oxford Bullingdon club arrogance getting elected. Yet as much as I despair at this, there is at least the prospect that the Tories will not be that strong in government because most people will simply not vote. Subsequently there is an outside chance, that the unions, freed from the 'don't rock the boat' shackles that tie them to Labour centre right politics, will punch Cameron and Osbourne in the face so hard that their testicles vibrate.

In the meantime we are faced with the site of a morally bankrupt Labour Party fawning at the feet an unelected war mongering privatising shit . Why? Simply because he is good at being an unelected war mongering privatising shit and on the sinking Labour ship he gives the impression that he is keeping his head. 

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