Monday, 3 May 2010

Aylesbury says no to EDL

The EDL’s racist, swaggering, Islamophobic supporters hoped they could take over the town of Aylesbury last Saturday and intimidate Muslims and ordinary people. They failed.

They hoped Asians and black people and trade unionists would be too scared to demonstrate against them. They failed.

Around 200 anti-EDL demonstrators, gathered in the town’s Vale Park in a show of anti-racism and support for multiculturalism.

While the anti-racist protest took place, the EDL were contained in a pen by the police. The local press put their number at 800, although other reports said it was fewer. They had come from all over Britain, with only a handful of local people their ranks.

Some made an attempt to break out towards the town mosque, but they were beaten back.

Police arrested 12 EDL supporters, eight on suspicion of possessing offensive weapons, three for public order offences and one for being drunk and disorderly.

Andrew Grant, the chief executive of Aylesbury Vale District Council said afterwards that “a range of entertainment has been organised for Monday by the Town Centre Partnership to help welcome people back to the town". Indeed – the vast majority of local people will be glad the EDL have gone.

Congratulations to all those anti-racists who came out to protest on Saturday. The ground has been laid for a vibrant local anti racist campaign. 

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