Thursday, 15 October 2009

Butt out Stelzer!

Does Tony Blair have any friends left beyond his immediate 1997 dinner party circle? Surely the recent press forays of Napoleonic heart throb Silvio Berlusconi and free market grandee Irwin Stelzer , both seeking to make the case for Blair’s appointment as EU president, shows how toxic Blair has become. He can only be praying the old friend Simian Bush Jnr stays the hell out of the media.

Stelzer sets out his case for Blair in today’s Guardian . He thinks Blair is great because 1) He got elected 2) He got rid of Saddam 3) He doesn’t like Trade unions 4) He is not embarrassed to use his public office to make lots of money. Well gee, Irwin, who is you audience here?

Stelzer is widely thought of as Ruper Murdock’s representative on earth. As for muscular and tanned Silvio, well he told the Italian press that "My government and I will work to ensure we do not lose a great political legacy, made with courage, equilibrium and prudence without uncertainty."

The Iraq War? Equilibrium and Prudence? The man is a shitwicket!

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