Friday, 9 October 2009

Get to know Gove (and friends)

David Cameron at the Conservative Party Conference claimed that ‘we are all in this together’ talking about the need for swinging public service cuts. Well hats off to the shadow cabinet for not being caught out over MP’s expenses. They made their pile the old fashioned way….

Shadow cabinet's second jobs: Their hourly rate (The minimum wage is £5.73)

£1,153: Shadow Schools Secretary Michael Gove earned £5,000 a month – or £60,000 a year – for "one hour a week or so" of journalism for The Times.

£764: Francis Maude, shadow Cabinet Office minister, earned £36,700 a year from Barclays Bank for six days a year of work, including overseas meetings.

£187.50: David Willetts was paid £60,000 a year for 40 days' work as an adviser on pensions for Punter Southall in London's Jermyn Street.

£145: Oliver Letwin worked eight hours a week giving corporate finance advice to investment bank NM Rothschild, earning £145 an hour, or just over £60,000 per annum.

£395: Shadow Business Secretary Ken Clarke was paid £38,000 as a non-executive director of Independent News and Media, owner of The Independent. He worked about one day a month.

£346: Andrew Mitchell, shadow International Development Secretary, was paid £36,000 a year for one to two hours a week of consultancy work with Accenture.

£260: Shadow Health Secretary Andrew Lansley was paid £25,000 a year as a non-executive director for Profero, working one day a month.


  1. And your point is what exactly? All I can deduce from this is that no-one would pay a penny to anyone in the Labour party because they don't have the common/business sense to be left in charge of a whelk stall.

  2. I think nony that you know full well want my point is. The tragedy is, of course, that the Labour front bench also think that 'leadership' is about having your snout in the trough, rather than service.