Tuesday, 13 October 2009

“Getting to know Gove, Getting to know all about Gove”

Michael Gove on Muslim countries and democracy:

But why is it that so many countries with a majority Muslim population are not fully functioning democracies? Or, if they do have elections, as do Iran or Egypt, they have poor human rights records.”

Maybe, Michael, it has something to do with two thirds of the world’s oil being located in the Middle East and us having some historical input on this matter? As for Indonesia, pick up a bloody history book why don’t you.

Wonderful review of Goves re-heated Neo-Con rant Celcius 7/7 here:

Gove’s book is a confused epic of simplistic incomprehension, riddled with more factual errors and misconceptions than any other text I have come across in two decades of reviewing books on this subject.” William Dalrymple

Remember this man is our future Education minister!

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