Saturday, 3 October 2009

NEW MORAL ARMY? The Tories are normalising Fascism

Eric Pickles, Tory Party Chairman and part time fat northern bloke in City trader braces, has got himself into a bit of a pickle over the Waffen SS. The Tories require the support of rather unpleasant East European nationalist in order to form a new anti-Federal right wing block in the European Parliament. Therefore Pickles has had to come out fighting with apologies for the Waffen SS Latvian volunteer legion which was apparently only “following orders” when rounding up Jews for mass extermination in 1942.

In Latvia the nationalists have attempted to portray the ‘volunteer’ Latvian SS as ‘nationalists’, ‘patriots’ and ‘anti-communists’ rather than the unwilling ‘conscripts’ that Pickles has described.
The Tories are unlikely to back down now they are in so deep. The net effect is that the NEW MORAL TORY PARTY © is helping to bring Fascism and it’s apologists back into the mainstream.

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